Saturday, October 31, 2009

Doc watson crying censorship

a few days ago the mods start to delete doc's anti china threads and racist postings. he was previously warned not to spam the board starting 2 or more threads about the same topic. Doc ignore warnings from the mods so they start deleting his racist anti-Chinese, libelous threads

Doc the racist crybaby

update that thread is also deleted

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Latest Slander against Li Ka Shing

Communist China has relied heavily on Li Ka-Shing [covert PLA spy and Triad] to set up these labs, of no small interest to our military BTW! There has been notable intense co-operation amongst Big Pharma and Red China over the recent years. There is no illusion that China has been developing just this sort of weapon. Their partners in crime the Taliban and alQueda [their surrogates] have been accessing just this info and are doing the same. Iran is in close contact w/China over just this technology. So called germ warfare. Weaponizing flu strains.