Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More inciting posts from yorkcountykid following the footsteps of DocWatson aka ConanDoyle

Yorkcountykid has a habit of calling anybody who disagree with him "Chinese subversives" and like the previous discovervancouver forum moderators that tolerate racist postings that call for genocide and inciting hatred and violence against non-white Canadians. the moderators at are tolerating yorkcountykid refusing to warn him and delete his posts despite forum rules against inciting racism.

yorkcountykid: only a chinese spittlelick would put down australia, we shoulda nuked you chinese f-ckers"

yorkcountykid: "jews and chinese are the stealthiest thieves on earth"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

yorkcountykid one of docwatson's comrade and supporters inciting hatred

DocWatson linking to a video inciting anti-jewish hatred

From the video:

- our history books have been written by Jews
- Holocaust denial
- quoting Iranian president Ahmadinejad on the Holocaust
- the CIA has more KGB members than Americans and were both trained by Mossad
- "The Jews, Khazarian Zionists, have been the terrorists since creation."
- "Who were the Communists? Every member of the Communist government was Jewish."

Docwatson using the Japan Earthquake to incite anti-Chinese hatred