Monday, February 21, 2011

DocWatson spamming other forums inciting anti-Chinese hatred

inciting anti-Chinese hatred claiming they are using a dead Ming Dynasty loyalist oath

googling "FAN QING FU MING" will show his postings""

and he is again posting under different handles

inciting postings from DocWatson/ConanDoyle i forgot

Friday, February 18, 2011

DocWatson sinks to a new low by claiming the Chinese engage in cannibalism

Docwatson posting as gary oaks again claiming that the Chinese are using a 300 year old Ming Dynasty Loyalist oath for evil. He sinks to a new low posting as Conandoyle claiming that the Chinese practice cannibalism by consuming their enemies and claiming they are still doing this practice saying this is a cultural trait. last week he claimed that overseas Chinese 3rd and 4th generation born overseas are part of China's plot for global domination.

I am busy seeking information on how to report this individual who spends 24/7 inciting hatred against the Chinese

Saturday, February 12, 2011

ConanDoyle accusing overseas Chinese of covertly helping China of plotting global domination

in this latest incitement he claims they are using a dead 300 year old Ming Dynasty loyalist oath which nobody uses and he also claims that second 3rd and 4th generation over seas Chinese are part of this plot. I think it's time to report this individual for incitement and i will seek advice on how to report him