Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Doc again slandering Li Ka Shing

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"China's Control Over The Panama Canal Revisited

Li Ka-Shing is [PLA],covert, & strong ties with Beijing working under the cover of his Hutchison Whampoa banner company...we in Canada should be very nervous in dealing with this clandestine agent. All sweetness and smiles just doesn't cut it; he's laughing at us/ not with us!"

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Friday, April 16, 2010

DocWatson claims China investing in Tar sands a security threat


"The 'New' Resource Parias/China, is a security wake up call for Canada. Lets not kid ourselves, this is more about quiet & covert security breaches & global strategizing than it is about profits by another national government. This is nothing about private Chinese business,far from it, all about Beijings political control of Canada. "We" stand on guard for thee.....[?], dont we?"

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chris patton(DocWwatson?) and Zetsu

Update: the mods deleted the thread but the screen pictures with the quotes are here

Chris Patton the suspected soc puppet account of DocWwatson promoting hatred of Chinese Canadians claiming they hate Canada and trying to take over.


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"What concerns me is the view of so many chinese men that Canadians are the enemy of CHina and chinese taking over the country."

Zetsu himself a Chinese Immigrant to Canada also promotes hatred against overseas Chinese (hypocritically he is living and working in Hong Kong and hypocritically accuse Chinese Canadians of not linking Canada and say they should go back to China) he sinks to a new low Justifying anti-Chinese hatred and riots in southeast Asia


"This is one of the sad reality I'm tired of seeing too in Canada, a lot of Chinese in south east asia have the worst image, to to the level the locals start attacking them in riots due to their cockyness, lack of loyalty or repect to the country's culture etc. "

DocWatson blaming Li Ka Shing for a Ship that ran aground


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"in case one wasn't paying attention to details. Thjat ship the Shen Neng1 falls under the control of PLA, Li Ka-Shing and his Goverment associates. He is a partner under his holding Co. Hutchison Whampoa, of the COSCO line, although they are denying it now. Just watch all the trickey charades and smoke screens they are perorming for us now. It's just wonderful to watch.
here is a brief of his association with COSCO and this subsidiary. [circa 1999]
I think you'll start to get the picture...there is more here than we are being led to believe."

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DocWatson Slandering and libelling Li Ka Shing

Doc watson using the latest news about an alleged hacking and spying ring based in China to slander Li Ka Shing accusing him of being a covert PLA operative and as usual in his subtleness claim that china and the Chinese are planning global domination

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"The UofT CyberSleuths [5 young guys @ the Munk Centre, have cracked another one again. China? Yep/You are right again!.They have uncovered a huge theft of military and other sensitive Intel taken from the Indian Government by the now infamous 'Ghostnet" .That group was found to be centered in China. The area of China is Chengdu in the Sichuan province. Naturally as before, the Chinese government [Xinhua] wails and wails and wails, again & again, ad nauseum/no responsibility or ties with the theft. Go Figure!!!! Ya Riiiigght! This group is a major cyber network based in China / the Chinese government is aware of it too....and called any link, ridiculous ; "Why would China be a part of this!"

China is displaying nervousness over their neighbour India. It sees valued business going now to them since the Google loss of face. Other businesses are leaving now. Guess where they are going. And coupled with border disputes, a clash emerging. Their top covert agent 'in the field'/"our lil' bud" ...Li Ka-Shing [PLA] and Beijings' key ally, has pulled Google out of his on-line Hong Kong based internet company, TOM Online... and their associate company, China Unicom. This is a total embarassment and a trying to: [make face] again at home, out of a torn situation which Google has the leading edge at present. China has been pre-empted and reeling from the shock...the bleeding has just begun! Watch the floodgates begin to open . "