Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chris patton(DocWwatson?) and Zetsu

Update: the mods deleted the thread but the screen pictures with the quotes are here

Chris Patton the suspected soc puppet account of DocWwatson promoting hatred of Chinese Canadians claiming they hate Canada and trying to take over.


screen picture

"What concerns me is the view of so many chinese men that Canadians are the enemy of CHina and chinese taking over the country."

Zetsu himself a Chinese Immigrant to Canada also promotes hatred against overseas Chinese (hypocritically he is living and working in Hong Kong and hypocritically accuse Chinese Canadians of not linking Canada and say they should go back to China) he sinks to a new low Justifying anti-Chinese hatred and riots in southeast Asia


"This is one of the sad reality I'm tired of seeing too in Canada, a lot of Chinese in south east asia have the worst image, to to the level the locals start attacking them in riots due to their cockyness, lack of loyalty or repect to the country's culture etc. "

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