Tuesday, April 6, 2010

DocWatson Slandering and libelling Li Ka Shing

Doc watson using the latest news about an alleged hacking and spying ring based in China to slander Li Ka Shing accusing him of being a covert PLA operative and as usual in his subtleness claim that china and the Chinese are planning global domination

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"The UofT CyberSleuths [5 young guys @ the Munk Centre, have cracked another one again. China? Yep/You are right again!.They have uncovered a huge theft of military and other sensitive Intel taken from the Indian Government by the now infamous 'Ghostnet" .That group was found to be centered in China. The area of China is Chengdu in the Sichuan province. Naturally as before, the Chinese government [Xinhua] wails and wails and wails, again & again, ad nauseum/no responsibility or ties with the theft. Go Figure!!!! Ya Riiiigght! This group is a major cyber network based in China / the Chinese government is aware of it too....and called any link, ridiculous ; "Why would China be a part of this!"

China is displaying nervousness over their neighbour India. It sees valued business going now to them since the Google loss of face. Other businesses are leaving now. Guess where they are going. And coupled with border disputes, a clash emerging. Their top covert agent 'in the field'/"our lil' bud" ...Li Ka-Shing [PLA] and Beijings' key ally, has pulled Google out of his on-line Hong Kong based internet company, TOM Online... and their associate company, China Unicom. This is a total embarassment and a trying to: [make face] again at home, out of a torn situation which Google has the leading edge at present. China has been pre-empted and reeling from the shock...the bleeding has just begun! Watch the floodgates begin to open . "

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