Monday, March 29, 2010

Doc Watson' subtle racist rantings filled with slanderous, libelous accusationss

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Merrill Lynch International owner, Thomas Fung from Vancouver and his partner in crime...our ole' buddy, Mr Chuckles himeslf...Li Ka-Shing; together Made a purchase of China Vision back in 1993. At the time this operation was separated from Beijing and indeed,autonomous. The Chinese community were appalled that this application was put forward as the new operators. They new how sleazy and crooked these guys were and protested trying to stop them. In the end the CRTC [under the Liberals BTW] allowed it to go thought successfully. LKS and Fung are linked to the PLA and Beijing. The dirty twosome got their way and Beijing's too.This is very serious and I want you to check out the details and facts, don't just take my word for it either. Canadians are being duped as it's all in Mandarin/now who in the new administration is going to notice...hmmm! Go figure. All this under the Liberal administration!!!!! The Crooks..the treasonous crooks! Why am I bringing this up's because of Fairchild's owner Thomas Fung is at it again and helping Beijing to increase their propaganda potential adding more stations in Canada...MORE! ARE WE GETTING THIS YET..wakeywakey. This is China's way of breaking into a foreign and compliant market, this one happens to be Canada's Media Market. The next step looks like an entertainment offering BTW..all innocent enough wouldn't you say-NOT SO Canada!
LOL, some entertainment when we are being played for fools and being sized up by their covert minions here.They see Canada as theirs and will attempt covertly to get it while we sleep.This twosome were of concern by the RCMP and CSIS as they are under Beijings control and PLA at the same time TRIAD.Go to the first pages on the Sidewinder Report and checck out this Thomas Fung.The Chinese entertainment industry is intrinsically linked to the TRIADS BTW!!!

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