Friday, March 19, 2010

more anti-chinese rantings from Doc

link to his subtle anti-Chinese posting

"Standards" The Google fiasco is a prime example of what I am posting about. Here is a corporate who's concerned about quality.Many Chinese want and need to know freedom [a concept they have never had for over 5000 years and the intgernet it appears is their ticket to the outside world and Gooogle recognizes a niche market but not without [standards"]They are taking their case to the problem/CHINA! The Chinese government sees fit to sneak in and usurpe Googles goals [or any other company for that matter] .In this case, sourcing out dissidents through systemized/government sponsored hacking.This is about corporate due diligence [yes there ius such a thing] and there are values and security problems to iron out. China sees fit to over-ride anything it desires too and this is where the two clash.. As goes Google so goes most of the corporate world. The ones that remain will be demonized as ruthless Commie'Lovers where bottom dollar wins over humanity.
For all that any company that does business wth the Communist Chinese need be aware that there is no such thing as [qaulity control] from their pespective......all comes under the Chinese Government and their final choices.


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