Monday, March 15, 2010

Doc claims China is covert and deceitful



little child, my holiday in Greece was simply spectacular..your bitterness preceeds your irrational hostilities as usual. [may I suggest anger management classes]. The woman has nothing to offer. And a ban in the winter /December 2009 for a few weeks,was simply in regards to prolific posts. Some were overwhelmed and complaints sent in. A cooling off period for a number of you/not just me BTW..meaning you too dear boy.Were you overwhelmed?To situation has been mitigated by this singualr thread [which I named]. It has Mod approval and suits me also. Does it suit you?I am concerned for the welfare of Canada and indeed the world with regards to china. This is the vehicle for that concern. Are you concerned child? I have ample evidence supporting my contention that China should be called out for what it is [covert and deceitful].....
a danger to freedom loving and peaceful people throughout the democratic world. Here is some more evidence that supports this position.
BTW your personal, hostile and demonizing barbs against me is like water over the back of a duck. You are nothing but an illiterate backyard punk never submitting anything of worth but satisfied with nasty remarks, all the time behind the safety of a computer keyboard real life all you howlers are cowards. If you had any spunk you would demostrate it with real links in contrast to mine, which would reveal sincerity at the very least. BUT! YOU! NEVER!
By your actions so shall ye be known...Do you understand what that means boy...

So on to the thread:

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