Sunday, March 14, 2010

Doc watson say the Chinese are muderers for centuries

link to his latest racist post


Bad consumer world, bad rest of the world,bad,bad,bad...What a lot of trash talk from Simpson'Simpletons. The fact is it's China that is killing it's people not the consumers of the world. Sorry the old bait and switch technique doesn't work with intellegent people [ could be you are hanging around with idiots]..."maybe you can fool some of the peeps some of the time ..even all of the peeps some of the time,but not all of the peeps all of the time". I would say "nice try" in response, but it's a real stinker....a challenge from a mental midget. You will have to do better than that!Try harder . Your hackneyed and predictable response is from one who is desperate. Or more realistically wants to throw peeps off the track. You know, you really are very shallow; so easy to read. Your tactics are to be laughed at. China doesn't need consumerism to kill, silly..
They have been murderers for centuries. Consumerism my A**,what a lot of purile nonsense! Pull the other one it's got bells

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