Friday, March 26, 2010

Doc exploiting mental illness sufferers


"China has a huge stigma with mental illness in their communities. Its so bad they hide their relatives away from prying eyes as they will be mocked by everyone and fingers pointed with name calling. Sad to say that their culture looks down on people who are mentally deranged. China instills on everyone a tolerance towards cruelly. Its in their education system from an early age. They visit zoos where the children witness cruelty with the animals even animals eaten alive for the children's entertainment. All this makes for a cruel and uncaring society towards one another.When it comes to cruelty in village life it is a shame to have a mentally ill person in ones family. So to stave of curiosity from them the relatives are stored on a private part of their houses. This kind of denial which falls under the title of saving face is so sad. Millions are treated this cruelly. ore than the experts care to admit it seems. An uncaring even a hostile environment for this illness. Just today in the news a teahe who had mental illness and wasn't treated for it hacked to death 8 children with a machette knife."

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