Sunday, March 21, 2010

Doc continues to libel and slander the Chinese

in this link Doc type a long rant filled with spelling and grammatical errors accusing the Chinese of involvement in the triads(organize crime), spies and using covert means to achieve world domination after he read 2 articles about Google pulling out of China.

link to the subtle racist postings

"The Google void maybe the [thin edge of the wedge] or the Avant Garde of a released floodgate of other companies fighting for the door. Now that the Yuan [China is pissed at that] is surely going to rise; finally after decades of trading unfairly, be properly rated on world markets. China will no longer be the best place for cheap business. Inflation will be unleashed upon the globe. Competition will take over and India will surely benefit. Watch this space!!!! China's Xinhua, will put its spin dont worry. It will say that it doesn't matter/well it does. The goods we receive will naturally go up and increase our cost of living.This will encourage our country to make rather than buy. There will be an increase of business venture capital and a new confidence. In the meantime dont be surprised if Canada investigates India as a possible alternative foe doing the business that China had previously done. The Google strategy is as much political as it is an integral business move; away from all the blatant lying and the disturbing theft of hacked dissident names which China continues to deny....Riiggght! Pull the other one it has bells.
A Permanenet Move? Signals for Others?
Oh! Lest I forget ...China has been busy planning for this outcome for many years now with a view to using their final coup de gras/"the Nuclear Option" China had been on a buying spree for commodities for some time now; over a decade in fact! Much to bucking a trend in commodity price's during recessionary years it's plan for a strike back, appears obvious to many acclaimed economists. I had written extensively about this phenom last year. The dumping of the US Treasury Notes/US Dollars,that it keeps charge of. [The US National Debt!] The net effect being to crush the US Economy [WAR!!!!] and render helpless many other countries who back up their central banks currencies with the US "greenback". A global meltdown will ensue. There will be a sense of urgency created/a need for stability and a cry out for a new system to be installed immediately. This is China's golden opportunity which it has planned [with the help of hidden individuals] for more than decades [Centuries in fact]. A 'Totalitarian Fascist Slave System' in which China will rule...though taking direction from aforesaid hidden hands. It has all the requirements to sustain this move from opposition from the rest of the world during this pull-out. These "economic specialists" who gave a name to this phenom, ["The Nuclear Option"] have been ignored and side-lined unfortunately. They will find respect in due course mark these words. initialy there will be a sudden increase in global inflation,spiraling out of control. Those nations that can make for themselves will be the survivors during this anolmaly.
Google May Shut Operations in April
From numerous, military and intelligence analyst's, both here in Canada and abroad, there have been warnings that Canada is in China's cross-hairs, and indeed has built up a 5th column for their Geo-political endeavors for North America. Thousands of spies, literally have been working hard to this end. Harper has made it his goal to ameliorate this threat and now there are better border controls and intel systems in place. Canada is the [perfect] backdoor to the USA . The Chinese have clevourly used the Trojan Horse of trade to gain a foothold here; many have beed seduced by this notion. Students and trade delegations have used it. A sudden & volitle incease in immigrants from Communist China with dubious pasts and credentials have raised red flags from authorities.Many triads criminals who in effect are under the charge of the Communist Chinese government of Beijing/at the highest levels/ have infiltrated our peaceful land. Most so-called business people are indeed Triad members,dont be fooled and never forget that. The have taken the oath. It's not about trade but seizing our country. Much the same zeal has been seen in earlier years from the south by acquiring the Panama Canal from buddies, Clinton and Carter. [a dubious deal in all!] Some would hasten to say treasonous!!!!A much sought after prize indeed!The Liberal Party of Canada/ proud sponsors of the Chinese demograph and investment over the latest decades. Many of these criminals in reality,selling Canada out and in full knowledge what they were doing. They too are treasonous!

We shall see what Google does in the coming weeks as things unfold/"

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