Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DV is back up

I will start off by making this short and expand as needed.

The site has been down for over a week as many of you know and the reason behind that is a major fault on our hosting provider. They reformatted our drives and nuked our on-line back-ups.

The very bad news is this, DV has lost it's content due to a failure at the hosting side and even more so we discovered that the hard drive we use to backup DV is corrupt.

We are trying to recover the data but have yet been successful, so we are currently looking for a much older backup. This is obviously devastating news for every member at DV including myself. We are currently on a temporary server and our new server will be ready tomorrow. Rest assured we are doing all we can to bring back DV but please help our community by actively participating in posting at this time.

Also all previous members will have to re-register at this time.

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