Thursday, January 20, 2011

Doc Watson aka ConanDoyle linking to racist postings

doc watson link to a racist blog with these quotes:

I happened across this blog and I really must post it here..this isnt me BTW/
Understanding China, One Blog at a American in China
Dancing with the Devil

Lets analyze your typical china***. He has no religious beliefs and thus lives for the moment. He forces his obligatory one-child burden to study so that this child can then provide his parents with a comfortable living- hopefully outside of china when they are old. the china*** resents his life and coutnry men as they consume all of the resources that he believes is his. given the opportunity, he’d shove a person in front of a bus, just to move one half step ahead of the other 1 300 000 000 Chinese. He claims t hate the pollution suffocating him as he sleeps, and the corruption of the chinese communist party officials. yet, he drives a car three miles to work, waiting in 30 minute lines, just so he can avoid the bus. Oh yeah, although he despises the party he is a card carrying communist, in his mind he can change nothing so why try -’what can i do, i am but one man.’ is his mantra.

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