Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Doc continues

"I sense we are entering into a new phase with the USA/China cold war. remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. It looks very similar doesn't it. A brinkmanship of similar proportions is happening over Taiwan amongst other topics.
here is a quote from the CCP's top Minister of Defense...[Chi Haotian],2005
It demonstrates the "Hitlerian" Fascism and dare I say it, 'Racist Insanity' to bring about war with the USA.
A seething hatred is evident from his speech! All of this, co-ordinated and condoned by Beijing...nothing has changed since.
Far from it; a whirlwind of military celebrations and financing coupled with the celebration of China's 60th anniversary of Communism and the Olympic Summer Games.China is showing itself to be even more hardlined with it's people along the way/not opening up as they say they would. That was just cynical rhetoric to pave the way towards the up-coming Olympic Games."


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