Monday, February 22, 2010

Doc watson continues with the racism against the chinese


enough of your pathetic insecurities, on to business

China is supporting terrorist groups in and around Pakistan/Iran to receive, the nektar of the earth/Oil&Gas.
This is the New Great game/The New Silk Road. By using these these elements they exempt themselves from being in the spotlight. They use their hatred twards the west as fuel. Dirty isn't it. All the world is blaming al Queda and the Taleban when it's China who is 'orchestrating the music'.

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A new global architecture/ a new alignment of Nation States in Central Asia [Pakistan, Iran etc] all under the influence of China is what this is about. Piplelines need to be built and secured. meanwhile the threat of a nuclear attack from these two isx encouraged to keep the west at bay. China is keeping tight -lipped all the while pretending to be friendly/it's the complete opposite. China is securing it's requirements to not only run it's own needs but to have the wherewithal for it's global-colonial acquisitions. Mostly in Africa and Latin America.

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The US and Canada will be the "jewel in the crown" to the Chinese. They want us soo desperately. They are establishing themselves within Canada and the US under the domain of trade/their Trojan Horse...a contemporary/5th column if you will. The NAFTA/Superhighway, the NAU is precisely about this....linking all with Latin America through Mexico

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