Monday, February 22, 2010

Doc watson continues


China is restructuring durring the global downturn, their internal economy. No longer the great exporter to the world as in past decades. Peeps arent buying those "cheap and nasty, er deadly"Chinese goods in gross quantities anymore [thank God!]The crash is coming and they are stockpiling energy and building pipelines from sources from Central Asia. It's planning the "Nuclear Option [a British economic term] to finally finish the USA. Dumping their "greenback" dollars. Treasury Notes. It's cozying up to all those countries in Central Asia with oil & gas securing an alliance against the west. [make no mistake here, this is war!] The US and western interests want to have some of that action as well. A clash is afoot! This is China's ticket to success when the global economy finally collapses. It's telling the world it's economy is just doing just wonderfully/ that's a lie. It's turning sour and this is the final hour.
The touchstone maybe Pakistan where all their terrorist allies are in hiding. It all looks like Northern Pakistan on te border also with India. That is why the USA is interested in what's happenning to Tibet too BTW. It all merges there!

are the Chinese lying again/about their economy
have a listen:
Is the "Miracle" Real?

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